Free Amazon Gift Cards 2k18 {Legit Guide}

Free Amazon Gift Cards BloggerHax
Free Amazon Gift Cards BloggerHax

It is one of the most excellent and earth’s biggest selection of products and it won’t be that rocklike to spend that gift card on Amazon. Free Amazon gift cards are searched on Google over 18000 times every month.

Actually, there is no such a thing as a demand gift card code greater that can create a working and also legit codes for free.

None of these alternatives is going to get you truly free gift cards. It will be helpful that they are your best options and as closest as you can get to real free gift certificates.

What Is Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon gift card either the physical card or email using this card you can purchase any product from Amazon.

How To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Without Surveys?

For getting free amazon gift card you have to do something special to get them. You have to do answer a few surveys and with there you have to sign up there and so on and this is the time required things.

The good news is that mode of their option don’t require you to do anything you aren’t already a chime online anywhere searching, shopping and sign up for websites and free tests etc.

There is another way to get a $100 free Amazon gift cards without surveys or completing any task or offers but it is not sustainable and you can do it once at a time.

Here are some methods that are necessary to get Amazon gift cards are given below.

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Accumulate & Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

You should trade something for Amazon gift card. It’s really sure that you are not getting the card for free but with some of this options, you are affirming things you no longer need or use for Amazon gift certificates that you will use. Amazon themselves who are more than about to take your old goods.

You have to get the best part about using Amazon trade-in is that they will cover your shipping costs and means that this method is generally pure profit for your deal which is always a good thing for you.

Your profit will automatically come to the Amazon gift cards and Amazon is preliminary looking for your electronic devices and electronic media like movies, cell phones, music and players and other various types of electronic devices. Amazon is also looking for textbooks.

After getting it, you can check your promising profit by searching for the thing you are seeking to trade in on their Amazon trade-in page.

Cardpool For Amazon Gift Cards

You can visit which is a website for trading in your new gift cards.

They will accept your brand gift cards and so you can turn something specific into something different.

The card pool will also cover you to make hard cash for your cards.


This is another important website where you can trade in electronics.

Their rates are comparative and they also offer payment through PayPal in addition to Amazon gift cards.

GPT Methods

GPT means get paid to which is one that offers you rewards point for performing various tasks on the website.

It is usually like purchasing a product from their affiliates or something like doing surveys or watching videos.


It is a well-known GPT site which is one of the largest and offers many ways to earn swag bucks.

This can contain surveys, promotions and even things like electronics trades.

From here you can make money from free gift cards on your iPhone, Android, iPad and any other devices.

My Points

My point which is a well-known GPT site that offers daily rewards for doing any number of tasks or it is as same as Swagbucks.


Prizerebel which is also a well know GPT sites because they have great support.

They have unique service like you can use your payment points from their site and also order straight from Amazon itself.

Prizerebel is the only thing that you can make the arrangement from Amazon that will be much easier.

Market Research Companies

Some site may require survey only which is not as same as GPT sites. You can find these are backed by market research companies who conduct online surveys for someone who wants to gather feedback about their confections and services from consumers.

You will be rewarded here with cash, prizes and also gift cards. Few sites are available that you redeem your earning of getting free Amazon gift cards.

Valued Options

This is one of the best survey sites that you ever saw. Most of the people doing a survey here and also get minimum $20 as Amazon gift certificates via email an amount of several numbers of time throughout the years.

Option Outpost

Here you can find lots of testing survey and you can also redeem you’re earning cash and other prizes.

My survey

This is one of the biggest and online survey peals. They also have a mobile app that you can install to take surveys from there.


This is one of the biggest and online survey peals. They also have a mobile app that you can install to take surveys from there.

Cashback Methods

Amazon Advances

It is also a better aim to register with Amazon to accept updates about their ongoing advances.

Amazon who will regularly give options to spend money in a homecoming for gift cards, so if you are already set on an acquirement and you might be able to make some money back in the process.


It is actually known as a promotional hub and you can sign up here for free and they offer a large selection of coupons for the various dealer and not only do they direct you to coupons but also they provide a readout of how much cashback you can potentially make and organized by dealers.

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Affiliate Reward Favorable Circumstances

It is actually for you who are doing extra work than others, you can do like searching the web. There is a lot of options for the people who have a blog and also the website of their own that they can promote Amazon products.

Bing rewards are such kind of method where you can get free Amazon cards, The process is very simple cause you can register with bing rewards and get points every time you search here.

Google screen wise is usually for Google Chrome. You can add the Google screen wise on your Google chrome website so that it can track your internet use. Every three months, they will give e you Amazon free gift cards.

Final Words

We have posted all latest and updated methods to get free amazon gift cards if you face any problem to get amazon gift card then drop down your comment below.